Enrich customer experiences through mobile application development

Today’s customer is constantly connected, across devices. The mobile phone has become synonymous with people’s lifestyles, and so businesses are increasingly looking to target their audience through this medium effectively for better ROI. 4 billion of the 6.8 billion people on the planet today use a mobile phone; mobile has become a vital ingredient in every business’ marketing strategy. The advent of smart mobile applications across devices and mobile OSes has made it imperative to build engaging user experiences through these apps.

SDNA Infotech’s custom mobile application solutions make it possible for your business to create the right framework and the right user journey for a rich, personalized mobile experience. We employ our expertise into getting you the right kind s of solutions, whether it is for productivity, e-commerce, collaboration or for business intelligence solutions.

We also enable mobile app promotion through innovative marketing strategies that will drive higher downloads and lead to great ratings for your application while keeping your target customers constantly engaged.

SDNA Infotech

iOS Application Development

We have a team of certified experts in iPhone application development. Our experience in working with clients across various markets across geographical locations, and our quality-based approach to iPhone app design ensure the best outcomes for all of our clients. Right at the ideation stage, we collaborate with our clients and brainstorm on the best ways to flesh out the concept. We have streamlined processes in place to ensure clarity of execution right till the last stage before final delivery. Our excellent understanding of the iOS platform and our skills including the iPhone SDK, Cocoa Touch / Objective C, Open AL, Core Audio, Core Animation, Core Graphics, WebKit Programming, Accelerometer, GPS and Core Location Framework help us deliver excellent results.

SDNA Infotech

Android Application Development

Our expertise in android application development spans the Android Software Development Kit (SDK), OpenGL, 3D graphics, and Android media APIs. We have worked across verticals on android app development including sectors such as healthcare. We provide Android application solutions around enterprise mobility, web-on-mobile integration, mobile marketing and mobile advertising. If you’re looking for a seamless, engaging and unique experience to be created on Android, feel free to get in touch with us for a custom solution.

SDNA Infotech

Cross Platform Development

With the diverse mobile application needs of companies today, on iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry etc. it becomes imperative to invest in platforms that allow development across these operating systems. Our cross-platform app development services involve working on an advanced open source framework that enables the creation of mobile applications that are compatible across devices and operating systems. Our expertise and knowledge in the areas of HTML5, CSS3, jQuery Mobile, jqTouch, Sencha helps us craft the right cross-platform app development strategies, re-engineer your existing applications to function across platforms, and develop these applications with tools like PhoneGap, MoSync etc.

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