About SDNA Global

SDNA was formed in 2010 with the vision of becoming the a trusted recruitment partner. Our customer first approach helped us find the best talent for our clients. Today, we are among the fastest-growing global companies that diligently strive to deliver quality work for the clients and help them fulfill their hiring requirements efficiently and timely.

2022 – Over 200 people strong

SDNA today has over 200 employees and is one of the fastest growing Recruitment Companies.

2018 – UAE Calling

SDNA expands to Middle East with operations in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Launched AI based hiring tool - LIME

2016 – Crossing the Atlantic

SDNA opens its operations in USA, with its office in New Jersey.
Launched Cloud based bespoke Candidate Portal - SALT

2014 – Expanding in Europe

SDNA starts EU operations with customers in Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Nordics and France.

2013 – First Offshore Delivery Center

SDNA opens its first office in Bangalore, India

2012 – Gaining trust and ground

By December 2012 SDNA had added over 4 Fortune 500 companies as its clients and started to work in Germany along with UK

2010 – The Journey Starts

Stanley David and Associates started its UK operations.